Soft Skills Coaching
and Training

With Laura Dain



Cambridge - 5 minutes walk from central Cambridge

£350.00 (includes: light refreshments and course materials)

Ready to make some changes in your life? Want to handle people and situations better? Wish you could feel more confident dealing with others? We all have times when we don’t feel able to speak up and say what we think, or when we go the other way and push our view too forcefully without really listening to others. It’s not always easy staying calm, clear and equal, but that’s exactly what learning to be assertive is all about. And the good news is – it can be learned! This Assertiveness Training course is a great way to learn about different techniques for handling situations more effectively – whether at home with family or friends, or at work with colleagues or customers. You will gain an understanding of why becoming more assertive can benefit you personally, with time to think about and find solutions to any of your own specific examples you choose to explore. Small group size enables sessions to be specifically tailored to each delegate’s needs.

This training

Runs over 12 contact-hours (roughly equivalent to a typical two-day course), spread over 3 – 5 weeks (on 3 Saturday afternoons), in a small group (max 6) in central Cambridge. This allows you, at your own pace, to take time to think about and put into practice some of the ideas covered in the sessions, come back to another session, look at how things are going and plan again with new ideas etc. It also gives you the ongoing confidential support of an experienced, friendly trainer and small group (max 6) as you work on putting assertiveness into practice in your day-day life.

What is assertiveness training?

Assertiveness is a highly effective communications model used in professional and personal development training since the 1980s. Assertive communication is being able to express yourself clearly and stand your ground when necessary, without being passive, aggressive or manipulative. It is particularly helpful for tricky situations, but works very well as a general style of communicating.

Key content

Assertiveness Training provides you with the understanding, tools and confidence to adopt new ways of dealing with people; from expressing yourself, to making requests or delegating, saying no, and handling tensions and conflict.

Key learning from training

Training is informative, practical and interactive; with an experienced trainer leading to facilitate a small (max 6) focused, supportive and enjoyable group. Your own practical examples and situations will be addressed to help you practice and plan for putting the ideas into action. Copies of all slides and support materials provided as inclusive take-aways. A short piece of pre-reading is given before each session, outlining the key session topic, enabling us to make best use of the session time to explore the ideas in more detail and relate them to people’s experiences.

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