Soft Skills Coaching
and Training

With Laura Dain


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Standing up in front of a group to present your ideas can be a serious challenge, especially for those who don't feel naturally confident speaking in front of others. Success at presentations requires a combination of excellent preparation, plenty of practice and a good dose of self confidence.

Why Presentation Skills Training?

Presentation skills don't come naturally to everyone, but training gives you the opportunity to review what makes a great presentation, consider your own strengths and weaknesses, and work on developing an excellent, confident presentation that's relevant for your needs.

Key content:

  • Understanding what makes a good presentation
  • Effective planning and delivery
  • How to 'sell' yourself in the 'hot seat'
  • Self management techniques

Presentation skills are essential for any professional wanting to get ahead. Whether you need to present to team members, managers or at an interview, confidence in presenting will increase your confidence in a range of challenging situations. Presentation Skills Training provides individuals and teams with the understanding, tools and confidence to give their very best presentation. Developing excellent presentation skills gives you the best chance of excelling at your next presentation.

Key learning from training:

  • Principles and skills of successful presentations
  • Rehearsal practice and feedback
  • Practical tools for ace presentations
  • Information, discussion, practice, feedback and action planning

All courses customised to suit your specific needs:

  • Tailored to your work-base setting and issues
  • With appropriate case studies and role play
  • To suit your price range
This Presentation Skills Training is informative, practical and interactive; an experienced trainer leading to facilitate a focused, supportive and enjoyable group. Copies of slides and support materials provided as inclusive take-aways.