Soft Skills Coaching
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With Laura Dain


Soft skills with hard edge results


Personal coaching for individuals

A short series of one-to-one coaching sessions is an excellent way to build your self-esteem and confidence in any areas of your life, or to boost your performance in a particular task - whether for home or worklife. Coaching enables accelerated learning so it's an invaluable support for anyone wanting to work on themselves and particularly helpful for tackling a specific new task or skill-set. I work with a wide range of clients - some working on their confidence, assertiveness, or stress/anxiety management, while others are developing specific skills such as presentations, speaking at meetings, dealing with confrontation etc. Treating yourself to some coaching is a great way to give yourself a boost with short bursts of specifically tailored personal development work. You are in charge and you set the agenda. As your coach, my aim is to draw on my experience, knowledge and skills to support and empower you in whatever directions you choose.

Coaching can take place face to face or by telephone, depending on what suits you best. The number of sessions and the focus of the sessions is also entirely up to you. The cost depends on whether you are paying for yourself or funded through your workplace, and whether I have to travel to you or you come to my office, or we meet in Cambridge - the usual cost after the initial session, (which includes telephone and email diagnostic briefing plus face-face) is £140 for each hour-and-a-half session with 60 minute follow-up call.

One to one coaching support is invaluable for anyone at any life stage who is ready for change, whether wishing to tackle a particular issue or series of issues - at work or at home. In particular, people facing a personal challenge, looking for new ways to move forward, or recently appointed or promoted to a new role can benefit from one-to-one time to discuss issues, set targets, practice skills and get honest, constructive feedback, advice and genuine support from an experienced coach.

If you'd like to discuss coaching options, either as an individual or for your organisation, contact me now by email or call me (in confidence) on 01223 839611.