Soft Skills Coaching
and Training

With Laura Dain


soft skills with hard edge results

Whether we push our views too forcefully without listening to others, or we go the other way and don’t speak up and say what we think at all, it’s not always easy staying calm, clear and equal. But that’s what learning to be assertive is all about. To work with other people (colleagues, staff, clients, customers) and stay professional through thick and thin, it’s an absolutely vital skill-set.

Why Assertiveness Skills Training?

Assertiveness is a highly effective communications model used in professional training since the early 1980s. Assertive behaviour is professional behaviour. It is about being able to express yourself calmly and clearly and on equal terms with others; to stand your ground when necessary without becoming aggressive, or manipulative, or backing down unnecessarily.

Key content:

  • Calm confidence – genuine self confidence and relaxed state
  • Equality – treating self and others with equal respect (not passive or aggressive)
  • Clarity – ‘key messages’ so you are heard and understood
  • Listening – balanced focus between self and other/s

All professionals need to be able to handle themselves assertively in dealings with others.

Assertiveness Skills Training provides individuals and teams with the understanding, tools and confidence to adopt new ways of dealing professionally with people; from expressing themselves, to delegating, refusing requests and handling conflict.

Key learning from training:

  • Recognising and understanding behaviour patterns
  • Understanding body language
  • Practical tools for clear, assertive communication
  • Information, discussion, practice, feedback and action planning

All courses customised to suit your specific needs:

  • Tailored to your work-base setting and issues
  • With appropriate case studies and role play
  • To suit your price range

This Assertiveness Skills Training is informative, practical and interactive; an experienced trainer leads to facilitate a focused, supportive and enjoyable group. Copies of slides and support materials provided as inclusive take-aways.