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Customised service

Every individual organisation has its own distinct processes, systems and culture, which either benefit the organisation's progress or hinder it. Systemic procedural and 'cultural' problems are often difficult to spot and remedy from the inside, especially in a busy, stressful, demanding workplace. Time out to talk things through with an expert outsider is a great way to clear your thoughts and gain insights.

You may wish to look at the whole organisation, or a particular department or team, or certain individuals - depending on your specific needs. We will explore where things are going right and going wrong and identify practical, realistic ways forward. The process is always tailored specifically for you but can include:

  • Discussion - we talk through issues, identify concerns etc
  • Diagnostics - identify, quantify & understand issues
  • Information - research, models, theories & best practice guidelines
  • Perspective - big & small picture, objective views, chance to reflect
  • Advice - recommendations drawing on my knowledge & experience
  • Insight - a clearer view of what needs to change & how
  • Planning - action planning, target & goal setting
  • Techniques - specifically tailored 'toolkit'
  • Exercises - activities, tasks, simulations, role plays etc
  • Development - cpd plans, training & learning modules, coaching etc
  • Ongoing review - process reflection to check & ensure effectiveness

You choose
Free initial consultation

We discuss what you want to get from the process and put together some initial ideas to suit you. Free initial consultation with no obligation.

Options include:

Diagnostics (what's the problem?)

  • Self assessments
  • Personality tests
  • Feedback questionnaires
  • On-site observation and assessment

Learning interventions (how to help?)

  • On-site observation and feedback
  • Process planning
  • Coaching
  • Training sessions
  • Simulation exercises
  • Education materials
  • Learning sets
  • Away days

You choose

Whatever kind of consultation best suits your needs (from a one-off to a series of planned interventions) the service aims to make sure that your specific needs are met. Every stage of the process is agreed with you in advance and each stage is jointly reviewed to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Remember: the initial consultation is FREE so why not contact me now to find out what I can do for you?