Soft Skills Coaching
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With Laura Dain


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A lack of confidence undermines people's ability to do their best. Building confidence enables us to work to our fullest potential, free from unnecessary doubts or insecurities that can inhibit our performance. Whether leading others, presenting ideas or overcoming challenges, confidence building is an essential skill-set for any professional. This training is particularly valuable for people new to their roles or facing a significant new workplace challenge.

Why Confidence Building Training?

Confidence is a key soft skill - without it, no other skills are fully realised and our potential as individuals or teams is held back. Our level of confidence is something each of us can influence, through understanding what affects it and actively using techniques to build it up. Recognising unhelpful habits and adopting more useful ones enables us to build feelings of inner confidence as well as being more confident dealing with others.

Key content:

  • Understanding ways of influencing self confidence
  • Self awareness of habits and patterns
  • Helpful self-talk
  • Calming and focusing techniques

It’s essential for any professional to be able to handle themselves confidently in the workplace. Confidence Building Training provides individuals and teams with the understanding, tools and confidence to adopt new ways of handling themselves and approaching professional situations, through managing and channelling anxiety effectively.

Key learning from training:

  • Understanding the psychology of confidence
  • Practicing a positive, conscious approach
  • Practical tools for building confidence
  • Information, discussion, practice, feedback and action planning

All courses customised to suit your specific needs:

  • Tailored to your work-base setting and issues
  • With appropriate case studies and role play
  • To suit your price range
This Confidence Building Training is informative, practical and interactive; an experienced trainer leading to facilitate a focused, supportive and enjoyable group. Copies of slides and support materials provided as inclusive take-aways.