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Supervisor Skills Training

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All too often people are promoted to the role of supervisor without any specific training in how to effectively handle people. Indeed, it's common for supervisors to be chosen from within a team because they are particularly bright and good at their non-supervising role - even though they may not have any particular supervisory experience or skills. This can present a great challenge, as supervising is a complex skill-set and it can be extremely difficult to establish the right level of authority and confidence in dealing with people who may only recently have been on equal terms.

Why Supervisor Skills Training?

Supervising the work of others requires a range of skills, from planning, delegating, instructing, monitoring, evaluating and giving constructive feedback. For anyone who has no previous experience in supervising, this can be a real challenge. Supervising does not come naturally to everyone, and all supervisors tend towards their own particular style, with their own particular strengths and weaknesses. These can be developed very effectively through training, where there's an opportunity to consider and explore good practice guidelines. This course is particularly helpful for anyone recently promoted to a supervisory role.

Key content:

  • Understanding your supervisory style
  • Understanding control dynamics
  • Key skills for effective supervisors
  • Best practice techniques

Supervising people can sometimes be a real challenge, especially for anyone who has been promoted without training, or anyone working in busy, fast-paced or stressful situations. This is a chance to hone some essential skills for supervising people and processes in the workplace. Supervisor Skills Training provides individuals and teams with the understanding, tools and confidence to adopt new ways of supervising others effectively.

Key learning from training:

  • Understanding professional supervisory skills
  • Role play practice and feedback
  • Practical tools for supervising people and processes
  • Information, discussion, practice, feedback and action planning

All courses customised to suit your specific needs:

  • Tailored to your work-base setting and issues
  • With appropriate case studies and role play
  • To suit your price range
This Supervisor Skills Training is informative, practical and interactive; an experienced trainer leading to facilitate a focused, supportive and enjoyable group. Copies of slides and support materials provided as inclusive take-aways.