Soft Skills Coaching
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With Laura Dain



Cambridge - 5 minutes walk from central Cambridge

£150.00 (includes light refreshments and course materials)

Ready to make some changes in your life? Want to feel calmer and cope with your nerves? We all experience some degree of stress in our lives. Whether at work or in our personal relationships, no one can go through life completely stress-free. By learning how to manage our stress effectively, we are able to live and work to our fullest potential, free from any unnecessary tensions or concerns holding us back. Many of us know we aren’t managing our stress effectively – bottling things up, taking it out on others or ourselves, generally failing to handle it well. The good news is, we can easily learn ways to both feel better and handle things better! This Stress Management Training course is a great way to learn a range of useful techniques for handling typical day-to-day stresses as well as more serious moments of crisis. You will gain an understanding of what happens when stress strikes (its effects and what affects it), as well as learning and trying out new helpful behaviours and strategies. Small group size enables sessions to be specifically tailored to each delegate’s needs.

What is stress management training?

Stress Management Training teaches you to understand what is happening to your body and mind when you undergo stresses and tensions. This practical training helps you to adopt strategies and techniques which will relieve your stress symptoms as well as freeing you up to enjoy and perform better in any situation.

Key content

Stress Management Training provides you with the understanding, tools and confidence to adopt new ways of dealing effectively with stress; the training can help you to overcome anxieties, shake off negative thinking, and release tensions constructively.

Key learning from training

Training is informative, practical and interactive; with an experienced trainer leading to facilitate a focused, supportive and enjoyable small group (max 6). Your own practical examples and situations will be addressed to help you practice and plan for putting the ideas into action. Copies of all slides and support materials provided as inclusive take-aways. A short piece of pre-reading is given before each session, outlining the key session topic, enabling us to make best use of the session time to explore the ideas in more detail and relate them to people’s experiences.

Cambridge TASTER: Two Thursday afternoons – The Taster introduces the main ideas covered in the training and enables you to decide whether you want to continue and learn more through the full training.

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